Resident Return Visa

    The 155 visa is a subclass of the Business Innovation and Investment (Residence) visa in Australia, which allows individuals who have held a Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) visa (subclass 188) to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

    Once you have received a permanent visa, it is valid for the first five (5) years. Essentially a travel convenience, this validity period. Your right to live permanently in Australia does not end if you stay past the five-year mark; instead, it only affects your capacity to leave and subsequently return as a permanent resident.

    A category 155 visa could be granted to you if:

    • You attain the necessary residency (5-year travel facility).
    • You have beneficial relations to Australia (1 year travel facility).
    • You are a family member of someone who has a resident return visa or has applied for one and meet the requirements for grant (up to 1 year travel facility).


    • You can travel to and from Australia as a permanent resident until the travel facility of your visa expires.
    • If you leave Australia after your permanent visa travel facility has expired, you will not be able to return to Australia as a permanent resident. If you wish to return to Australia as a permanent resident, you must apply for and be granted this visa before your arrival in Australia.
    • If you are already in Australia as a permanent resident, you do not need to apply for this visa if you do not wish to travel.
    • There are no limits on the number of Resident Return visas (RRV) you can apply for.


    • The applicant would be eligible if either of the criteria is met:
    • You must be an Australian permanent resident.
    • You must be a former Australian permanent resident whose last permanent visa was not cancelled.
    • You must be a former Australian citizen who lost or renounced Australian citizenship. Australian citizens are not eligible to apply for an RRV.

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