Resident Return Visa

    The 157 visa is a subclass of the Business Talent (Residence) visa in Australia, which allows individuals with a successful business or investment record to apply for permanent residency in Australia.

    Subclass 157 (Resident Return) Visa provides 3 months of travel facility from the date of grant.

    A three-month RRV may be available to permanent residents who have less than two years of physical presence in Australia and who have not yet developed strong attachments to the country. For instance, you might have relocated to Australia as your migrant travel facility was about to an end and you needed to travel abroad before you had formed meaningful connections.

    Your permanent residence does not expire if you stay in Australia above the three-month validity term; only your capacity to leave and then return to Australia as a permanent resident is impacted.

    A category 157 visa could be granted to you if:

    • You were an Australian permanent resident or an Australian citizen for the entire time you were in Australia when you applied for this visa.
    • You lawfully spent at least one day but no more than two years in Australia in the five years prior to that.
    • There is a compelling and compassionate reason for leaving Australia.


    • You can live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.
    • You bring family members with you to Australia.
    • You can have access to government support and resources for business owners in Australia.
    • You are eligible to apply for Australian citizenship (if you meet the criteria).


    • You must have held a subclass 132A visa for at least 2 years.
    • You must have maintained your business activities in Australia.
    • Meet health and character requirements.

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