Employer Nomination Scheme Visa

    The 186 visa is a permanent residency visa for skilled workers in Australia. It allows the holder to work and live in Australia indefinitely. The visa has two streams: the Direct Entry stream and the Temporary Residence Transition stream. Eligibility for the 186 visa requires the applicant to meet certain criteria, including having a suitable skills assessment, meeting the English language requirements, and being nominated by an approved Australian employer.


    • You must have a valid job offer from an approved Australian employer.
    • You must meet the skills and qualifications requirements of the nominated occupation.
    • You must pass a skills assessment for the nominated occupation.
    • You must meet the English language requirements.
    • You must be under the maximum age limit (usually 45 years).


    • Permanent residency and the right to live and work in Australia indefinitely.
    • Eligibility to apply for Australian citizenship after fulfilling the residency criteria.
    • Access to Australia’s public healthcare system (Medicare).
    • Ability to sponsor eligible family members to join you in Australia.
    • Access to education and training opportunities.
    • Eligibility for Australian social security benefits, if eligible.

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