About QA

    Qualifications Australia

    Qualifications Australia facilitates you to get globally recognised Australian qualifications, based on your work experience. Qualifications Australia is dedicated to bridging your professional and educational gaps and assist you reach a bright future. We have assisted countless candidates who are glad for the second chance to advance their careers and are very delighted with the assistance they received. With the help of the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF), Qualifications Australia was established to help applicants from across the world match their professional and personal experiences with relevant Australian qualifications.

    Having based in Australia, Qualifications Australia has a legal team that can guide you through the procedure. Australian qualifications offer more opportunities for higher income than any other foreign qualifications. Within the Australian Qualification Framework, Qualifications Australia can assist you in landing your dream career. The program assists you in obtaining globally recognised qualifications from world-class Australian universities, colleges, and institutions.