Other Applications

    Visa Refusal Appeal

    There might have instances where your visa is denied or withdrawn. You might be eligible to appeal the decision to the governing body – previously known as Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), a merits review tribunal, if your visa is denied or revoked.

    Even though, the governing body cannot examine each and every decision. You cannot request that a decision be reviewed by the governing body, for instance, if the Minister for Immigration personally decides to deny or cancel your visa in accordance with section 501 of the Migration Act 1958.

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    Federal Circuit Court

    Some judgments made in accordance with the Migration Act of 1958 could be reviewed by the Federal Circuit Court of Australia (the Court). These decisions include those made by the governing body, the Immigration Assessment Authority, and the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (the Minister) (IAA).

    The Minister, members of the tribunal body and IAA are all responsible for making decisions under the Migration Act (the decision makers). These decision-makers consider your application’s merits and whether or not to issue you a visa. Please be aware that we only offer services when your visa has been denied and you want to appeal it at the tribunal. We do not offer services for the Federal Court.

    Decision makers under immigration law include the Minister and members of AAT and IAA (decision makers). These decision makers will see the benefits of the application and whether they need to get a visa. Please note that we do not provide federal judicial services, only if your visa is denied and you want to appeal to AAT.

    The court can only consider a decision to determine if there was a “law error”. This means that the court decides whether the decision was made in accordance with the law. The court is independent of the decision maker. The court will not consider the benefits of your application or whether you need to obtain a visa.

    For more details, Visit Here (FBP website)