Australian Security Exchange (ASX)

    Doing Business in Australia

    The national stock exchange of Australia is called the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). It is run by ASX Limited, a publicly traded business that is likewise a listed company on the ASX. The ASX and ASX Limited are governed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). Australia has a number of smaller stock markets, but the ASX is the biggest and most complete.

    By market capitalization, it is the ninth-biggest exchange in the Asia-Pacific region and the 18th largest exchange overall. The ASX seeks to preserve a globally competitive market for financial securities while also fostering a transparent, informed marketplace. All listed firms must adhere to listing guidelines imposed by the ASX in order to ensure this.

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    The ASX Listing Rules (Listing Rules) govern :

    • Listing
    • Quotation
    • Market information
    • Reporting
    • Disclosure
    • Trading and settlement
    • Administration
    • General supervisory matters, and
    • various other aspects of a listed entity’s conduct

    The Listing Rules are designed to safeguard the interests of listed companies, ensure transparency through the disclosure of important information, and regulate the stock market. These rules are enforceable under the Corporations Act and apply to listed entities and their associates.

    In addition to the Listing Rules, listed companies must also comply with additional regulations under the Corporations Act, including requirements for financial reporting, auditor rotation, shareholder meetings, director appointments and remuneration, and related party transactions. The process of listing on the ASX can be lengthy, complex, and expensive, and may require companies to restructure their corporate structure, operations, and internal governance procedures.