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    A Bridging visa A (BVA) is a temporary visa. It enables you to remain in Australia after the expiration of your existing substantive visa and while your application for a new substantive visa is being processed. If you submit an application for a substantive visa when you are already in possession of one in Australia, it may be granted. If you depart with a BVA, you are not permitted to come back to Australia.

    When the Ministry of Home Affairs denies a filed visa application, this is referred to as a visa denial. The Court of Administrative Appeals (previously AAT) can review visa denials in the majority of situations.

    We may issue you a temporary visa called a bridging visa depending on the situation. While your immigration status is being determined, you can stay in Australia legally with a bridging visa. Depending on your situation, we may issue you a certain sort of bridging visa.

    While bridging visas allow you to enter and exit Australia legally while awaiting a judgement, only a bridging visa B (BVB) allows you to do so.

    Bridging Visa A

    You will be given a BVA, which will give you legal status while your application is being processed, if you have a substantive Australian visa and submit an application for another substantive visa.

    What are the travel rights?

    • Since this visa does not grant you any travel privileges, you would be unable to return to Australia if you were to leave the country. But you can submit an application for a BVB to get travel privileges (see below).
    • If you depart Australia while traveling on your current substantive visa after having submitted an application for another substantive visa, the BVA will expire. This indicates that upon your return to Australia, you will need to submit an application to have your BVA reactivated.

    Bridging Visa B

    You must apply for a BVB if you want to leave Australia while your substantive visa application is being processed to prevent your BVA from being cancelled.

    Bridging Visa B

    • This visa typically has a three-month validity period, therefore you must return to Australia before the three months are over.
    • You should only apply for the BVB two to three weeks prior to your intended trip because of the three month time restriction.
    • You will only need to complete a short form, which the Department will process in a few days and let you know if the visa has been approved.
    • Both a BVA and a BVB can be held simultaneously.

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