About VDC

    Migration scams can be harmful and costly for those who fall victim to them. They can take many different forms, including fraudulent visa and immigration services, false job offers, and fake marriage proposals. Some red flags that may indicate a migration scam include:

    • Being asked to pay large sums of money upfront.
    • Being told that you are guaranteed a visa or job.
    • Being asked to lie on your visa application.
    • Being asked to provide sensitive personal information, such as your passport or bank details.

    If you think you may have been a victim of a migration scam, it is important to contact the authorities as soon as possible. In Australia, you can report a migration scam to the Australian Border Force (ABF) or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC). You can also seek assistance from legal aid or a trusted immigration lawyer.

    Beware of other entities collecting information, sensitive data, or money on behalf of VDC Worldwide or its associates.

    All the communications will be through official mail and NOT through personal chats.

    Please note: VDC Worldwide or its associates do not ask or collect cash directly or through any agents. All the payments are done through official channel, credit/debit card or bank.