Other Applications

    500 (Student) Visa

    The Student visa’s main objective is to enable foreign students to pursue full-time study and training in Australia. With this visa, a student may remain in Australia so long as the required course is being taken. Before submitting a visa application, the student must enroll, or in some situations, have a letter of offer, with an Australian educational institution.

    Application Process

    Prior to applying, you must be registered for a full-time programme with an Australian educational institution and have received official confirmation of your enrolment (CoE) from that institution. Once everything is ready, we will submit your visa application to the DOHA. The primary condition is that you satisfy the prerequisites listed above, the details of which will depend on the nationality of your passport and the criteria of the educational institution. Additionally, you must adhere to the pertinent standards of morality and fitness.

    You may enter (or remain in) Australia to pursue your course of study once the DOHA has issued your visa. You may work up to 40 hours per week while you are enrolled in classes, but you may not start working for your original visa until your course has started. Higher education research Masters and Doctoral level courses have different work provisions; if necessary, please consult with us. If applicable, you should also verify the labor allowance for any dependents on your application.


    • You can participate in an eligible course of study in Australia.
    • You can apply online in or outside Australia.
    • You can travel in and out of Australia.
    • You can bring family members to Australia with you.
    • As a temporary measure, you can work unlimited hours in any sector.


    • You must be enrolled in a course of study in Australia.
    • You must hold Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), or fall in one of the exemption categories.
    • You must be 6 years or older.
    • You must prove you have a welfare arrangement, if you are under 18.

    How can I stay longer with this visa?

    • You must apply for a new Student visa if you want to continue your studies in Australia.
    • You might qualify for a visitor visa if your student visa expires before you graduate (subclass 600). You will require a document from your educational institution stating your graduation date.
    • You might qualify for a temporary graduate visa if you now have or previously held a student visa and completed certain credentials in Australia within the last six months (subclass 485).
    • You may be qualified for the Skilled Recognition Graduate visa if you have just received your engineering degree from a reputable institution (subclass 476).
    • You must apply for a new visa that is appropriate for your situation if you wish to stay longer for any other reason..